Marketing Center

Shanghai Marrow Magnetic Materials Co., Ltd is use magnetic material as the leading product, while gather production, technology development and business together. The high Quality, and excellent service has always been the good reputation in our customers and in the industry. From NdFeB, SmCo, Ferrite, Alnico magnet solenoid to magnetic components, we had never stop trying to provide the most appropriate solutions and customized services.

From rare earth permanent magnet to magnet components, here you will find:
Broad range of high-grade products meets specific requirement
Best application engineers solves specific problem
Best performance per cost keeps competitive
Just in time delivery helps projects on track
In short, we offer effective solutions, service, not just magnets. We striving toward excellence and continuously improve product quality, response speed, customer service and our competitiveness in the market.

Production Base

Our Production base located at Dongyang,Zhejiang Province. Specializing in magnetic materials and devices for production and development.