SWITCHGEAR(breaker)/VDS breaker

VDS breaker

Breaker can access, points off line current carrying normal, also can in the provision of abnormal condition circuit (such as short circuit) and a certain time connected, points of mechanical switch off carrying current electric appliances. Mechanical switch electric equipment is used to head on and points touch points of the circuit the floorboard of the broken appliances.
The improved VDS mechanism is more reasonable, simple structure, reliable performance, the number of parts than Domestic products to reduce 20%, mechanical failure also decrease. Due to significantly reduce the number of component parts, the friction positions are used grease or long-term no oil bearing, making operation system reliability is greatly increased. Case the use of reasonable points lattice structure, make each functional unit decorate clear, easy maintenance.
The unique say system, makes the circuit breaker from the open circuit 20 KA ~ 40 KA required tripping current small electromagnet work, and tripping force stable in operation voltage DC110V in-house micro switch, auxiliary switch life not affected.
Domestic traditional design organization adopt double-reed woodwind institutions, and institutions more reactive programses of parts wear heavier, affect the service life of the circuit breaker machinery. The single VDS reed institutions, the structural optimization of the characteristic and the load with relations and improve the transmission efficiency, make close brake spring energy get reasonable fully utilized, and improve the reliability of the feeder. Can easily through the 30000 times mechanical life.
Insulation on the back of the tube connection, this connection is unique to VDS, it not only increased along the surface creepage distance, and repair and test is more convenient. More important is to let the dust flowing into next mouth eduction, especially suitable for environmental bad steel mills, chemical fertilizer plants, power plants and factories.
In addition to its special advantages VDS, the main is its price is far lower than the VD4, and and VD4 parts purchasing channel keeps consistent, and its shape dimension and VD4 consistent, is the present domestic can only with ABB-VD4 interchangeable products. The mechanical characteristics and electrical properties can fully and comparable VD4.
Nominal voltage:
Both 12kV and 24kV are available