SWITCHGEAR(breaker)/VTS breaker

VTS breaker

Breaker can access, points off line current carrying normal, also can in the provision of abnormal condition circuit (such as short circuit) and a certain time connected, points of mechanical switch off carrying current electric appliances. Mechanical switch electric equipment is used to head on and points touch points of the circuit the floorboard of the broken appliances.
1.Mechanism is more reasonable, simple structure, reliable performance, the number of parts than similar products to reduce, mechanical failure also decrease. The friction positions are used no oil bearing, making operation system reliability is greatly increased. Mechanical life up to thirty thousand times. Case the use of reasonable points lattice structure, make each functional unit decorate clear, easy maintenance. Especially suitable for environmental malnutrition and frequent operation occasion.
2.The unique break-brake tripping system, makes the circuit breaker from the open circuit 20 kA ~ 40 kA required tripping current small electromagnet work, and tripping action is stable and reliable.
Parts with special surface treatment, improve the wear resistance and corrosion ability.
Solid seal a column using advanced automatic pressure gel technology, will be low resistance vacuum arcing chamber and touch up and down the arms of the terminals directly fixed sealed in epoxy resin inside. Has the loop resistance, low insulation performance is strong characteristics.
Vacuum arcing chamber's arcing structure through optimization design, improve the open circuit stability and electrical life.
Circuit breaker for many times customer satisfaction products, promises users lifelong maintenance.
Nominal voltage:
Both 12kV and 24kV are available