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NdFeB material,as the new research result of development for rare earth material ,have the high magnetic property. It was a kind of alloy,by material Neodymium,Iron,BoronAlso called magnetic steel.

Bonded NdFeB material,is mixed by NdFeB material and adhesive,widely used in sound and video equipment.

Ferrite material is a kind of metallic oxide material.According to magnetism,soft magnetic,permanent magnet,gyromagnet,magnetic moment,piezomagnetic are all belonging to ferrite material.

SmCo material, according to different component,it could be devided into SmCo5 and Sm2Co17. This material have the stable coercivity, suit to use in high-temperature working enviroment.

AlniCo material, according to the different productive technology,it could be devided into Sintered Alnico and Cast Alnico.Easy for demagnetization and have lower coercivity are disadvantages of this material.